Brian Sheffey

This engaging and delightful book for children explains to kids how to start researching their family tree. Knight and Wood delve into how kids can get started: how to interview family members; how they can share the information they learned with family members; and how to see how their different family histories can intersect during … Read more

Stacy Mae Webb

Finding Family Treasure has timely educational content so relevant to the current American culture climate. The learning tools gathered in this book are priceless treasures in discovering our own and others’ ancestral heritage, instilling a new respect and pride in our shared American heritage.

Tara R. Alemany

Finding Family Treasure provides a much-needed reminder that we are more alike than we are different. For young readers, the authors have done a wonderful job of showing how to embrace our differences and become more inclusive. At the same time, parents and educators will love how history is woven throughout this story in thrilling … Read more

Joe Wisinski

Finding Family Treasure is a wonderful book, not only for the target audience of fourth through sixth graders but for anyone. I enjoyed the review of historical events large and small and even learned some new historical facts. Children will also learn about resolving conflict from the protagonist/antagonist issue. One fine aspect of the book … Read more